WhisperClean - Ultra Quiet Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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  • ✅ Super Quiet 62db Technology - no more disturbing noise when vacuuming your home, simply rotate the power wheel all the way to the left and enjoy super quiet cleaning.
  • ✅ Strong Suction Power - our ERP standard motor provides 1000W equivalent power while saving energy at the same time.
  • ✅ Pet Brush Included - a dedicated pet brush to help clean above-floor surfaces or pick up pet food and litters.
  • ✅ Multi-Stage HEPA Filtration - along with the extra large 4.5L dust bag, it also incorporates a HEPA filter to better trap dust and debris in the air, while eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • ✅ Telescoping Aluminum Wand - the adjustable wand is lightweight and durable, it lengthens to extended reach of 10'. The detachable handle is perfect for thoroughly cleaning furniture, car interior, and tight spaces.
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Product Description

Model Name

WhisperClean - Ultra Low Noise


  • Motor: 800W (ErP Standard)
  • Power: 110v, 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 9.84 x 12.44 x 18.54 in
  • Net Weight: 12.78 lbs

What's Included

  • Vacuum cleaner unit x1
  • 4.5L dust bag x2
  • Telescopic tube x1
  • Crevice tool x1
  • Dusting brush x1
  • Pet brush x1
  • User manual x1

Quiet & Efficient

At only 62dB, WhisperClean can be used in quiet environment, e.g., during nap time. Its ErP Grade A motor delivers excellent pick-up performance on both floor and carpets, whilst also saves energy at the same time.


800W ErP Motor, 110v, 50-60Hz


18.54 × 12.44 × 9.84 in


12.78 lb

Multi-Surface Floor Brush

Foot-controlled switch, easily glide from floor to carpet.

4.5L Extra Large Dust Bag

Holds more dirt than others, reduces time spent on maintenance.

Rubber Wrapped Wheels

Protects your floorings and moves the vacuum smoothly.

the quietest vacuum on the market
We used to have Miele, then Severin, now Pinetan. It seems a bit delicate and not a diehard, so don’t expect miracles but quite sufficient in a reasonable price range. So far, so good for this new vacuuming companion.

Mateusz Gmura

It's really low noise! The advanced 62 dB technology does work! Making it the perfect vacuum for home and office, especially for those who work from home or have family members who don't like to be disturbed by loud noises. The vacuum cleaner itself is great. It cleans carpets, bare floors and furniture. The design of the vacuum makes it easy to maneuver around everything in it's path. It comes with multiple attachments that make cleaning your home a snap!


Muy fuerte tiene un cepillo que se puede utilizar lo mismo en piso que en alfombra, y un botón para ajustar la velocidad según se necesite.Desearía que hubiera tenido el cable más largo pero aún así está muy bueno.

Yeney gonzalez

Customers Say...

Casey Sweet

Good product, not too loud

This vacuum is pretty good! You can adjust the suction level and most attachments are not too loud. I feel the instructions could be a little better but overall a very good product. Used it to clean off our couch as well as the rugs in the kids rooms and it did a good job at that. Came with spare dust bag too


Very powerful and flexible vacuum

When I saw this, I liked the quoted 62 dB noise level, included pet brush, multistage HEPA filtration, and a super large dust bag. The best standout feature is the variable power knob. It offers a huge variety of adjustment with the lowest setting probably being the 62 dB noise level — it's really quiet!

E. Cooper

This vacuum totally sucks!

In a good way! It's reasonably lightweight, is omnidirectional, has all the good attachments and is nice and quiet to boot! It's got great suction and the canister seems to take a long time to fill up. I like the canister style as opposed to the bag style since it's less environmental impact and easier to maintain, I've found. I really like how quiet it is! I tend to vacuum at odd hours of the night and now I don't have to be concerned about complaints from my neighbors about the crazy person vacuuming at 3:00am. It's the little things...

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hotWhisperClean - Ultra Quiet Canister Vacuum Cleaner
WhisperClean - Ultra Quiet Canister Vacuum Cleaner Sale price$179.98 USD Regular price$249.98 USD
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800W (ErP Motor), 110V 50-60Hz

800W, 110V 50-60Hz

800W, 110V 50-60Hz

Dust Capacity

4.5L Dust Bag

1.5L Bagless

1.8L Bagless

Cable Length

15 ft

15 ft

15 ft

Premium Features
  1. Powerful ErP standard motor
  2. Ultra quiet technology
  3. Accessories on board
  4. Packed with 4.5L dust bag x2
  5. HEPA filtration
  6. Foot controlled floor head
  7. Crevice tool & dusting brush
  8. Pet brush included
  9. Metal telescopic tube
  1. Duo HEPA filtration
  2. Compact sized
  3. Foot controlled floor head
  4. Crevice tool & dusting brush
  5. Metal telescopic tube
  1. Cyclone + HEPA filtration
  2. Compact sized
  3. Accesories on board
  4. Foot controlled floor head
  5. Crevice tool & dusting brush
  6. Metal telescopic tube