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“Love it. Was amazed that I was able to vacuum the whole house, a 3 bed 2 bath, and still have 2 battery bars lit up.  Very easy to empty and I like that the internals of the canister pop apart so easy to get rid of all the hair etc. that clogs everything up most of the time. Super easy to use, looks nice, and fills so many little needs.”


“So far so good. Picks up dirt and debris from my high pile carpets, low pile carpets, and vinyl plank floors without damaging them! Light weight and easy to maneuver.”
“The scale works great! The app that you download with the scale is actually really good! it is very clear and easy to understand. It is not cheesy and cheap. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying to lose weight or count body fat percentage.”



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