Roller Brush for 'Vincent'

This is the roller brush which goes into the bottom of the floor head. If not well-maintained, the roller brush might get tangled too tight with hair/fabrics, and it triggers a self-protection mechanism to prevent the motor from overheating.


The vacuum will turn on and immediately turn off in a few seconds. Please be assured that this is not a malfunction. Simply replacing the roller brush will solve this issue without any hassel.


Therefore we've made the effort to keep an additional stock of the roller brush, and we only charge a minimum fee to cover our costs & shipping.


Please note: when placing order for replacement roller brush, please use the drop-down menu to select the approximate date of your purchase. This helps us identify the correct batch for your replacement.


*The list price is shown in USD. You will see the converted value in your chosen currency at Paypal check-out.


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